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Parent Information

The yearbook deadline is March 31st every year.  If there are extras, we won't know until the last week of school (you can check at that time).


(Communication Platform)

Register for ParentSquare to stay up-to-date with weekly school and classroom communication. Be sure to turn on your notifications for email, text, and in-app within your account.

School Year Information:  Welcome Letter with Links to Important Information

Schedule 1st - 5th GRADE

  • School starts at 8:15 AM with gates open at 8 AM for 1st - 5th graders and Early Bird Kindergarteners.
  • Students can use the playground (8 - 8:13) and line up when the bell rings (wait for your teacher).
  • 1st and 2nd graders will be dismissed at 2:30 PM (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday).
  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will be dismissed at 2:35 PM (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday).
  • Every Thursday, 1st and 2nd graders will be dismissed at 1:35 PM.
  • Every Thursday, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will be dismissed at 1:40 PM.
  • The parking lot is easily impacted at pick up times.  We recommend considering alternatives outside the campus property for pick up times.

Enrollment/ Registration

  • All enrollment and registration is online through your Aeries Parent Portal (nothing on campus).
  • Check your Aeries Parent Portal to find out your student's teacher starting August 20th, 2024.

First Day of School

  • Only students and staff may enter the campus (Parents will be able to walk their student to class the first day of school only).
  • Staff will assist helping your student find their classroom on the first day of school.
  • Families can walk on campus Aug. 22nd 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM to help their student locate their classroom.

Additional Updates

  • The cafeteria will continue to provide free food for all students for the current school year.
  • Volunteers must submit a Volunteer Application form to help on campus (volunteer application form).  All visitors and volunteers will need to record their identification card (driver's license) when the Raptor  Visitor Management system is operational.
  • PTA will fund P.E., Art, part of the STEAM lab staff, supplies, and credentialed assistants.
  • Parents can sign up to serve as a Playground Pal to help supervise our campus during any recess times.


  • Kindergarten Early Bird schedule is 8:15 AM to 11:35 AM.  Late Owl schedule is 10:15 to 1:35 PM
  • Kindergarteners should enter and exit the kindergarten gate (southeast corner of the campus).
  • Kindergarten Meet and Greet is August 20, 2024 - Early Birds 2:45 PM  •  Late Owls 3 PM.
  • Kindergarten Round Up Information Video (2021)
  • Kindergarten Slideshow - new families should review this helpful guide
  • Kindergarten Round Up is March 7th, 2024 at 2:15 PM.  You can enter through our southeast gate. Bring your student!
  • Kindergarten Schedule and How To Prepare for School: View the slideshow.

Kindergarten Round-Up Reminders!

  1. Peek into the kindergarten classroom on a self-guided tour located at each corner of the 600 building. (Rooms 601, 602, 604, and 605)

  2. Visit the playground.

  3. Visit our website to enroll your student.

  4. Visit the Parent Information page on our website: 

  5. Learn about the attendance procedure.  Visit the attendance website

  6. Download the ParentSquare app for your mobile device to stay connected to our school.

  7. Register to volunteer. View the volunteer form here t

  8. Enroll your child in KidsCare if you need on-site childcare outside of school hours. Click here to view the Kids Care website

  9. Stop by the front office to say hello to Gene Norman and Aarti Totlani!

How do I find out if my kindergarten student is in the Early Bird or Late Owl program?

In order to help you with planning your schedule, you can find out your student’s start and end times in your Aeries Parent Portal after June 17th.

In your Aeries Parent Portal...

  1. Click on your kindergarten student

  2. Click Student Info (top left side of the screen)

  3. Click Demographics (top left side of the screen)

  4. Look for the User2 field at the bottom left of your screen.

  5. E = Early Bird  8:15 AM - 11:35 AM

  6. L = Late Owl   10:15 AM - 1:35 PM

Student Placement Process

Each year, our Pacific Rim teachers collaborate to determine student placements for the next school year.  This can be a challenging and complex process as we strive to create a balanced and positive classroom. We take many factors into consideration in an effort to place your student in an optimal learning environment.

When assigning students to a specific classroom, our staff works hard to consider the following criteria: recommendations of the current classroom teacher • gender and ethnic balance • academic balance of high, medium, and low achievers • balance of student social or emotional variables • strengths of individual teachers • student interests, readiness, and motivation • special needs • learning preferences and behaviors • interpersonal dynamics • educational experiences.   In accordance with CUSD board policy, we may accept any information from parents/guardians, which would be helpful in making placement decisions. Parents/guardians who provide such information are hereby informed that requests for a specific teacher shall be used as only one of many determining factors which may be taken into account.    School board policy 6152 authorizes adjustments in class placements at any time during the school year. 

If you have a returning student, you can communicate information you think will be helpful in making placement decisions directly with your student's teacher.   For families new to Pacific Rim, you can indicate any information which would be helpful in making placement decisions on a note that you hand in with your registration paperwork to our office.  Class lists are typically finalized just a day before school starts due to the time it takes to finalize registration of students and sometimes staffing changes (which might even included the hiring of a teacher just a day or two before school starts as our numbers are finalized).

We take our classroom placement decisions very seriously and do our best to create classroom communities that promote the growth and development of our students.  Experiences with a variety of teaching styles and classroom environments help develop a student’s ability to apply strategies and adapt to changing situations.  We believe that adaptability is the highest form of functionality and your support for your student and teacher is instrumental in your student's success in any environment.  We encourage you to support your student's assigned teacher.

We are very fortunate to have a talented, dedicated, and professional teachers and staff who are committed to providing valuable learning experiences for children. Their efforts, combined with our hard working students and parents who prioritize education help maintain our excellent educational programs that have earned us several state awards and the National Blue Ribbon of Excellence. Thank you for supporting our learning community as our staff works to determine an appropriate placement for your student in the next school year.