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SBAC Testing

SBAC Testing


To take practice SBAC tests:

  1. Click on link above
  2. Sign in as GUEST
  3. Click the drop down menu next to Grade and choose appropriate grade level
  4. Click "Yes" button
  5. Choose the practice test that you want to do
  6. The next screen is  "Choose Settings", scroll down and click the Select button
  7. The next screen is "Is this Your Test?", scroll down and click "yes" buton
  8. Make sure you can heard the audio and see the video. 
    • If you can, click "I could play the video & sound" button.   
    • If not, you will click the "I could not play the video & sound" button.  You will need to fix your sound settings, then try again.
  9. When you get to the "Instructions & Help" screen, you can "Begin Your Test"